The brain is an important part of our body and plays a significant role in controlling all body parts. Disorders related to the brain are called neurological diseases, including anomalies in the spinal cord and nerves. Structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities cause diseases in the brain and nervous system of the body. The cause of these disorders is still unknown. However, factors such as genetic defects, heredity, infections caused by microbial organisms, malnutrition, brain and spinal cord injuries, and lifestyle can be possible causes of the development of these disorders in individuals. Some neurodegenerative disorders include brain tumours, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Neurofibromatosis, headache, Epilepsy and others.

These diseases have no cure; drugs, surgical treatment, lifestyle changes, and rehabilitation can lessen the complications. Different technologies have been developed to heal, such as the use of the plant-based method, gene therapies, nanotechnology, stem cell technology, and immunotherapies. The plant-based method is where medicinal plants and their compounds have been used for curing. The compounds derived from plants are phenols, alkaloids, and terpenes, which have therapeutic properties. Among these compounds, phenolic or phenols are mainly studied and have potential healing capabilities. These compounds bind with the targeted proteins, whose abnormal expression may be one of the causes of the progression of many disorders. It is a developing process and can be progressed further by discovering new drugs.

Genet therapy is a gene-delivering technique that uses methods to silence or induce gene expression related to disease development and progression. Transfection, CRISPR techniques, nanotechnology and all can carry out this process. This technology can be one of the potential therapeutic processes for curing neurological diseases. Using nanoparticles in medicine for drug, protein and genetic material delivery is a new technology. Nanotechnology is a novel technique, and it can be the best way of curing neurological disorders in the near future. Other technologies that can be a possible way of treatment are stem cell-based technology, immunotherapies etc.

Neuro Advance is a new journal that will publish a review, viewpoint, editorial and correspondence highlighting therapeutic advances against disorders like using compounds derived from plants, gene therapy, nanotechnology and other curative technology. This journal aims to disseminate the findings of studies to develop treatments for neurodegenerative disorders. This journal will provide researchers for publishing novel ideas for advancement in curative technologies. This journal is a new journey of discovering and inventing novel ideas and techniques, and excited to welcome good knowledge.

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